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Which Comes First Divorce or Bankruptcy?

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If you are seeking a divorce but don’t think you can afford it, and haven’t explored the benefits of consumer bankruptcy protection that could provide the result you need, the guidance of an attorney with broad family law and bankruptcy knowledge could work to your advantage.


At Cristiano & Lillard in Temecula and Covina, California, we look carefully into your unique financial and legal situations to determine if you qualify for a joint bankruptcy. Many times clients do not. Our skilled family law and bankruptcy attorneys customize our leadership to address your unique situation, so we can deliver sound advice that forms a brighter future for you.


The law office of Cristiano & Lillard effectively handles divorce, bankruptcy and collateral matters in a cost-effective manner. We have dedicated our practice to representing individuals, families, spouses and children. We want to be part of the solution – not part of the problem.


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Should You Pursue Divorce Or Bankruptcy First In California?


If the wrong language is used in your divorce settlement agreement, the results could be nondischargeable in bankruptcy. At Cristiano & Lillard, we work hard to cover all the bases, arriving at the strategies that are exactly right for you and making sure that each lines up correctly.


Emotional stress caused by financial problems is a primary reason that marriages end in the U.S. Bankruptcy and divorce are also linked in other ways:


While you can divorce your spouse, you cannot legally separate from debts sustained during your marriage. Those can be divided in the divorce decree.


If your former spouse does not satisfy debt repayment obligations, a creditor can pursue you for that debt. When one spouse files for bankruptcy, the other spouse can find himself or herself in bankruptcy too.


Following a divorce, domestic support obligations are not dischargeable during bankruptcy. For many couples, the consumer bankruptcy should be attempted first, then the divorce.

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