Child Custody & Visitation

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In addition to financial obligations to children, both parents may want to maintain meaningful contact and relationships with their children. Child custody and visitation matters can be heavily contested and may reach the point where your emotions are influencing your decisions. But it is important to stay focused on the best interests of your children.

Child Custody and Visitation

We will protect your parental interests while also weighing the best interests of your children throughout the child custody and visitation proceeding. The following is a non-exclusive list of how we help our clients seeking custody:

    • Since the final court order on custody and visitation will take a while, we will ask the court for an order of temporary (pendente lite) custody and visitation (parenting time).
    • We will seek a fair permanent order, which will set a schedule for custody and visitation, including holidays, weekends and shared parenting time.
    • If a noncustodial parent takes the child without authorization or either parent refuses to allow visitation as required in the court order, we will seek enforcement through a contempt motion.
    • In the event of parent relocation, move-away, job change, loss of job, military transfer, family death or remarriage, we will seek a modification of the court order to suit the change of circumstances.


We can also handle paternity issues for those seeking to establish or contest a parent-child relationship.

For any issue, we make use of our network of professional associations in order to explore all available solutions for our clients. If requested or beneficial, we can recommend co-parenting or family counseling.

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