Child Support

California Child Support Attorneys

Both parents owe a financial obligation to support their children. How long do these obligations exist? How much will you receive or be obligated to pay? Call a law firm that can answer these questions and provide experienced child support representation.

Our lawyers at Cristiano & Lillard in Temecula and Covina, California, have extensive experience handling child support issues. We help clients deal with the issues as soon as possible to minimize the impact on the children.

Ongoing financial support issues can sometimes trigger defensive postures from parties. We know how support obligations are determined, and we always stay focused on you and your child’s best interests. Contact us for a free phone consultation about child support guidelines in California.


Child Support

It can be some time before the court approves a final order for child support. In the meantime, we will file a motion for temporary support (pendente lite). California follows a statutory guideline to determine the amount of support in the final order. We will verify that the court's order complies with the guidelines and incorporates all relevant income.

A loss of job, change in income or an injury may require a modification of an order. Allegations of failure to pay support may also lead to enforcement or contempt proceedings. We effectively handle all post-judgment matters.

We are vigorous advocates for our clients. We want to protect your interest while minimizing damage to the family for the child’s sake.

Contact us to speak with a lawyer about child support or other family court issues. We offer a free initial phone consultation and accept credit card payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover. Payment options are also available.