Divorce with Business Ownership

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If you and your spouse are divorcing, and your roles as joint owners of a closely held family business are complicating the legal end of your relationship, you could benefit from the experienced guidance of a family law and divorce attorney who knows about the importance of accurate business valuation – and who knows how to aggressively protect your rights in all phases of a contested divorce.

When co-ownership of significant assets and valuable property makes a divorce highly complex – and decisions on how to obtain full control of a company dominate property division negotiations – you need highly effective representation by your side.

We provide that leadership at the Cristiano & Lillard law firm in Temecula and Covina, California.
​Our full-service family law office effectively, efficiently handles any aspect of divorce and its accompanying issues. We have dedicated our practice to representing individuals, families, spouses and children.
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Contested divorce, especially when control of a business is at stake, is no do-it-yourself project. Consequences of not being represented by skilled counsel can be sweeping. If a husband and wife are at odds, dealing a marriage irreparable harm, the operations of the company can be damaged as well – and the business may well wind up being lost. Methods of equitable distribution can adversely affect a company’s short-term and long-range goals.

At Cristiano & Lillard, our divorce lawyers join forces with expert accounting and investigative resources to thoroughly research a business’s history and determine its current and future worth. We work hard to locate common ground that can generate consensus in the business valuation and property division phase, so that negotiations can be productive and you can have peace of mind about an outcome that dignifies what you had, emotionally as well as financially.

If discussions reach an impasse, Cristiano & Lillard divorce attorneys are fully prepared to protect your rights in court for contested divorce or high-asset divorce litigation.

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